Membership Application Form

1. Download the Acrobat file here.
2. Complete the application form.

3. Sign the application form.

4. Issue a cheque or make an electronic transfer for the relevant amount.

5. Attach your cheque (or copy of EFT) for the required amount (see below).

6. Email or fax the documents to either of the addresses above.

7. Mail the original to the address above, together with the cheque or copy of EFT. 

The application will be considered at the first meeting of the Executive Committee after receipt of the completed application documents



Annual membership fees :
R 2,200.00 for companies with 200 or more employees
R 1,650.00 for companies with less than 200 employees
If membership commences after the 1st of March, the annual fee will be calculated as a pro rata portion for that financial year.

Joining fee (once off) :
R 450.00 (which includes a framed membership certificate)